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Rock along with some of the most well known and successful bodybuilder’s, fitness athletes and professionals are here to help you through articles, videos and events.

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Eat Smart

Every goal met and every successful story with any elite athlete always begins with proper nutrition.

Train Hard

Intense training is like the sybling to nutrition. In other words, nutrition is the cornerstone to success and coupled with proper training creates the unforgettable physique.

Proper Rest

Nutrition feeds the muscles, training breaks down the muscles and proper rest and recovery allows them to grow.

Featured Principles

Strength, stamina and recovery

Rock believes their are three pillars to success and all three must be in perfect alignment in order for the athlete to be successful.  If any one is out of balance you will not reach your potential and limit your chances for growth.

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Adaptability Training

Learn your body, when you maybe overtraining and how to overcome injuries.  These are two keys areas the many fall prey to that keeps them from achieving their potential.

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Rock Solid Advice

Me and my team are here to help and are always available through email: or live chat We also will be offering one free consultation session for contest preparation, routines etc. SO BE LOOKING FOR THAT IN THE COMING WEEKS AHEAD!!