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Our mission is to provide the best possible resources and tools for the bodybuilder or fitness trainee to be successful in the goals they set out to achieve.  We will do this through superior customer service, providing timely education materials and tools and through live feeds from the youtube channel.

Rock’s Bio

Graduated from Virginia Tech. with a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Foods with Exercise.  Personal Trainer for 10+ years as wll as a nationally competitive bodybuilder, in which i qualified for the USA’s.  Have also worked with Apex Nutrition and Medifit Corporate Services.

Being successful at anything takes hard work, discipline and a passion for what you believe in.  That means you can not let anyone or anything deter you from your goals.  You have to be determined and steadfast. If you truly believe in something you can achieve it.  Rock Solid Advice is going to give you the tools and resources to achieve those goal.  This will be done through motivational videos, nutrition and training education, live video feeds and various links  to reputable publications and materials.

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